Brief Introduction of Creped Net


This product is made of 100% PE environmental protection plastic materials. The three-dimensional elastic magic creped fibre of this creped net can even more get rid of dirty well as well as the aged stratum corneum.

Taiwan PAT : 165283. M248403

China PAT : ZL2003Z0129733

U.S.A. PAT : 7097803
Japan PAT : 3121945



Creped net with a three-dimensional creped structure




*Creped net

This creped net has irregular reticular creped structure three-dimensional elastic magic creped fibre structure which can touch your skin by point, line and plane. Therefore it can get rid of the dirty and stratum comeum of your skin readily.

*General PE net


Generally, the general PE net has only flat reticular structure and smooth fibre structure, which can only get rid of partial dirty and big dead skin, hard to clean your skin well.




Advantages of the creped net



  1. Cleaning effects from various angles : irregular creped reticular structure may produce various angles and bring three-dimensional cleaning effects.

  2. Effect of all-round touch area : the fibre of the general PE net is flat and smooth column structure, which only touch the skin by simply line and plane. Because the fibre of the creped net has multiple forms and structures, it can touch the skin all-roundly by point, line and place, accordingly has powerful cleaning force.

  3. Magic bubbling effect : the creped net has three-dimensional irregular creped structure, so it can generate more bubbling space for more bubbles and softer and finer effects.


Highly precise gauze creped net


The gauze creped net like cotton has soft and delicate fibre microminiature net holes. It is another creative one after the gauze creped net. Besides the advantages as the ones of the three-dimensional elastic magic fibre, it has very soft touch feeling and can clean the microminiature dirty and dead skin deeply.


General PE net

Creped net

Gauze creped net

 Characteristics of the gauze creped net :


  1. Thinner net holes and irregular creped structure generate the net space of more density. Therefore it can make more and smaller bubbles.

  2. Finer fibre structure makes the net be softer and have good touch feeling. In addition it can clean your skin deeply and easily, including the microminiature dirty.

  3. Because of its thinner fibre and three-dimensional creped reticular cpace cotton net can offer moisturizing effect the general PE net cannot to reach.